Award-winning author Terry Odell delivers another action adventure romance with Identity Crisis, the seventh installment in the Blackthorne, Inc. covert ops series. Readers will enjoy the chase and suspense of Holly Granger’s and Brett Cashman’s Colorado love story.

Not following orders might cost him his dream job, but it could save her life.

Brett Cashman yearns for a job as a Blackthorne, Inc. covert operative. But does he want to help people, or is he after the rush danger brings? Brett has the skills, but as one of the only recruits with no military background, he’s having trouble adjusting to the whole taking-orders gig. Fortunately, his boss sees his younger self in Brett and cuts him some slack. With a last chance to prove himself, Brett must protect a woman who has no idea she’s in danger. The catch? He’s not allowed to tell her why he’s inserted himself into her life.

Holly Granger ran away from her wealthy daughter-of-a-rock star lifestyle in her teens, when she couldn’t face the notoriety. She’s changed her name, found an inconspicuous career in middle-management, and gets through each day trying to avoid being noticed. Her parents never made any effort to find her, so why is someone from their rock star days after her now? And why is he accusing her—falsely—of treason? Will she have to disappear again?

An apparent chance encounter with Brett sends Holly into what she considers an alternate universe. She wants no part of it, but when it’s obvious someone is threatening her safety, she reluctantly accepts Brett’s protection.

It doesn’t take long for Brett to get another order from on high he’s having trouble following—Blackthorne’s number one rule: “Do not get involved with the principal.” Can he follow the rules, or will his attraction to Holly cost him his chance to become a Blackthorne operative?

  • Livre de Reliure: Kindle Edition
  • Catégories: eBooks
  • Editeur: Terry Odell
  • Date de sortie: 2017-09-28

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