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Detail Be Selfish: For A Change :

Life can be hard, and if you don’t put yourself first, you might one day find yourself at the bottom of the pile wondering how it happened. A rut is a hard place to climb out of, so I wrote this book to make sure you never feel the heart-wrenching pain of hopelessness.

Being selfish doesn’t mean abusing other people or being a bad person. It means learning how to act on ideas that will benefit you and your future. It means navigating a hard world designed to hold down those who are already down.

We all have skills and strengths that can lead to a life of joy and pride in accomplishment. This book will help you discover yours, help you recognize opportunities that are right for you, help you focus your mind and abilities and rise up.

Once you get to where you want to be you can start thinking about those who helped you get there, but for now, it’s time to be selfish… for a change!